Proudly painted, designed and printed in Ballarat, Australia.

About Artbrush




Oh, hello there!

I'm Erin and I'm the artist behind Artbrush. I love animals and I love creating things, particularly if it's involves a paintbrush. So, the thought of creating watercolour animal artworks fills me with joy! I started Artbrush in 2017 after I finally decided I couldn't stand it any more, I needed to add some more art back into my daily life. Now my days are filled with colour and whimsy and I love it! 
Artbrush is an ever expanding outlet for all my creative ideas. It started with prints, then cards and who knows where it'll go...
Join me on my arty journey by following my socials, subscribing to the email mailing list or regularly checking back in on this page. You never know what's going to turn up.  

And THANK YOU for checking out my website. I appreciate it soooooo very much.

You are wonderful!







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